Pastor Wayne Ferry


  • In June, 1855, a number of people met to organize a church. By vote, the naming of the church was given to Margaret Bray.  She was the mother of Taylor and Isaac Bray.  She chose the name Mt. Zion Baptist Church.
  • In 1888 a committee was appointed to locate a church site.  They named Taylor Bray, John Jackson, Frank Bray, S.W. Caudle and J.A. Farthing.  The alternate chosen was Marshall Nix.  They obtained property across the road from Tillman School.
  • Men called out from Mt. Zion to minister God's word or were ordained here:

           Reverend Dorrell T. Baird

           Reverend Vernon Armitage

           Reverend Harold Garrison

           Reverend Robert Perry

           Reverend Ronald Garrison

  • One lady, Sylvia Arnold, served as a missionary to Navajo Indians in Page, AZ.  She worked with Navajo children in Arizona for over 30 years.  She was converted and baptized here in 1930.  The family moved away but Sylvia credited her desire to serve the Lord to her early roots at Mt. Zion.
  • In recent years God's providence has been evident  by the fact that God's people were awakened to a missionary vision.  Mt. Zion this facet of missions by sponsoring two new churches.
  1. Eastern Gate Baptist Church was sponsored in February, 1977, until it was organized September 25, 1977.
  2. Fremont Chapel was sponsored from May 2, 1979 until June 18, 1980 when sponsorship was turned over to Riverdale Baptist Church.
  • Wayne Ferry came as pastor during the Easter holiday, 2001.  He had been a bi-vocational pastor until his retirement in August of 2007, which allows more time in the church field.
  •  Reverend Ferry graduated from Calvary Bible College in 1988.  He was ordained at Pratersville Bible Church in 1992.




Sparta, MO  65753

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